ON SITE Multi-Family Composting Application Form
By completing this form, you are indicating interest in your building being part of the ON SITE Multi-Family Composting project by receiving bins, tools, and training to start composting right out your door! There are limited spaces for participation in this project, and buildings will be selected based on suitability as well as first-come, first-served. Primary communications will be forwarded to the volunteers who have agreed to coordinate this project for your building - please be sure that this form is completed by somebody willing to be a primary volunteer.
Name of Volunteer #1 *

Name of volunteer #2

Number of units in your building (estimated) *

Number of residents in building (estimated)

Full Mailing Address for building

Please describe your building's procedure and policy regarding decision-making. Email a copy to compost@greenactioncentre.ca if you have one. Indicate "unsure" if you do not know, or "apartment" if you are a resident of (and not manager or owner of) an apartment complex. *

Why is your building a good fit for ON SITE? Aspects to consider: interest from residents, space to place the bins, lack of access to other composting options, inability to afford to implement composting without support, etc. *

Thank you for your interest in ON SITE Multi-Family Composting! No site will be selected for participation in the program without respecting existing procedures for decisions within your building. Initial cost for ON SITE materials and support are currently offered free of charge, but residents/owners are responsible for expenses related to removing compost bins from their building if they no longer wants residents to compost on site. Please include any other information below that you think is important for the ON SITE project co-ordinator to know. You can contact the co-ordinator at 204-925-3777 ext 106, or by email at compost@greenactioncentre.ca

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